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Home Adaptations

The home environment can make a big impact on your pet's life.

Especially if your furry friend is suffering from degenerative diseases such as Osteoarthritis or recovering after orthopedic surgery physical features in the home can negatively affect an animal's ability to function safely and independently.
Adapting the home environment to the individual needs of an animal can be a great addition to a therapy plan. 

Rescue Puppy
Yellow Food Bowl

Does your pet slip on the floor? Slips and falls can worsen your pet's condition and even cause new problems. Are there stairs in your home? Stairs can be hazardous for pets who are suffering from conditions like Osteoarthritis, Elbow Dysplasia, Hip Dysplasia, IVDD, Spondylosis, and many more. And what about your pet's bed and feeding bowls? Right resting  place and elevated bowls can help reduce the discomfort in many cases.There are various things that can be done to improve your home environment for the safety of your pet. I am more than happy to work together and help you with the improvements.

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